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Drugs Awareness Seminar

al-Lawh Academy welcomed Hertfordshire's Youth Connexions team to discuss the very important topic of Drug Abuse with its students.

Read all about the day here.

Further pictures can be seen here.

al-Lawh Institute introduces: al-Lawh Academy

NOTE: Admissions for the Academy are welcome and on-going.

To register your interest and be placed on the waiting list continue to the Registrations Form and complete all details. The Academy team will then be in touch in due course.

After nearly seven years of dedicated work for the local community, al-Lawh Institute is proud to introduce al-Lawh Academy, a Sunday Islamic School initiative in Watford.

The al-Lawh Academy will focus on teaching basic Arabic language and authentic Islamic Sciences to students aged 8-14 years; this has been a great vision for the Watford community for many years. With your prayers, we can continue this programme for many years to come.

We will continue to build upon our initial goal which was to connect the very best of scholarship with the local community and children. To fulfil this aim of ours, we will always take guidance from scholars and specialists; and, hope to have leading authorities visit the school from time to time.

May Allah make our hearts sincere, grant us guidance and aid us in this effort for His sake and the sake of His Beloved. Āmīn!

Our vision is for Watford to be a dynamic and forward looking place for Islamic education and learning, providing the best quality experiences for children and young people to grow up, learn, develop and achieve.

1. To develop a strong, progressive and adaptive mind-set in our students.

2. To provide a strong foundation of obligatory Islamic Knowledge for all our students.

3. For our students to gain an understanding of how our religion fits in with the wider world.

Knowledge is not sought for the sake of knowledge but rather as a means to something greater. In a world of

information overload, the greatest knowledge your child could attain is that which brings them closer to Allah and his Messenger. Everything else is fruitless. Any and all

information your child’s mind latches on to becomes the foundation with which they think, say and do – regardless of whether the information is sourced from religious or

secular domains. For this reason it is paramount that we enrich their minds with the best we have to offer. The battle isn’t secularism vs Islam. The battle is taking from

both to provide children with a well-rounded and progressive frame of mind; a mind that is powerful,

resilient and adaptive. Our children must be equipped with the tools to deal with a barrage of misinformation. Young people must not only acquire knowledge, but learn how to use it.

There is no use in engaging your child in the hugely pressurised and culturally monumental ritual of ‘seeking an education’ if it does not prepare them to live in a world that will cause them to question everything about their identity, capability, and Faith.

It is the production of strong, progressive and adaptive minds that will change the perception of Muslims in Watford and the surrounding community and it is this

that will become a strong platform for the Muslim Youth today.


al-Lawh Academy

Contact details:

The Sunday school will run from:

Parkgate Junior School

Southwold Road, Watford

Hertfordshire. WD24 7DN

School Timings:

Sunday: 10am-1pm

Policies & Registration Documents

Privacy Notice for Parents

Safeguarding Policy

Photography Policy

Positive Behaviour Policy

Registration Documents:

Home School Agreement (must be printed and signed)

Registration Form (once completed this will need to be signed on Day 1 registration once enrolment accepted)


Pricing & Payment

For detailed pricing options please contact us on the email below.


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