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al-Lawh Academy Admissions Form

Please ensure you complete all sections in this form and then press the "Send Message" button.

NOTE: You need to complete 1 form for each child you wish to register.

Click HERE to view the al-Lawh Academy Home School Agreement.

Click HERE to view the al-Lawh Academy Privacy Notice to Parents.

Click HERE to view the al-Lawh Academy Photography Policy.


Completion of this form is not enrolment acceptance. Once al-Lawh Academy receives the form it will review and confirm acknowledgement and advise of acceptance. When accepted, a paper copy of the filled in form with the Home School Agreement will need to be signed as well as payment completed.

NOTE: Admissions for this term are now closed.

Continue to Registrations Form only to register your interest and be placed on the waiting list.

If you have any queries around admissions please contact

Parent's/Guardian's Full Name*

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Child's Gender*

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Child's School*

Child's Email Address

Child's Mobile Number

Emergency Contact Name*

Emergency Contact Mobile Number*

Please give details of any current medical conditions (including allergies) and or any special educational needs that your child may have (If necessary attach additional information)*

Do you agree to the al-Lawh Privacy Notice for Parents?*

Do you agree to the al-Lawh Academy Home School Agreement?*

Do you agree to the al-Lawh Academy Photography Policy?*

Parent's/Guardian's Signature (I have read and signed the Home-School Agreement and agree to abide by the contents)*

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